Building franchise store for supplier resellers

Franchisor and need to develop a franchising store or provide franchise stores for your resellers? eSYNCer delivers successful franchise stores based on Magento eCommerce

Functionality of a franchise store

The franchisor manages much information centrally. This may include product range, general information about the franchise, central operations and a store locator. This saves the franchisor costs themselves (Website Checking franchise) and the franchisee (which has a fairly rich shop without their own effort). The franchisor can completely independently (without the intervention of the internet agency) add and remove sites from franchisees. The franchisor has insight into the results of the online shops of the franchisees. The franchisee can decide which part of the assortment in the webshop is sold. The franchisee has many opportunities to optimize local organic findability of his shop. So that maximum use can be made of the opportunities of the Internet channel. Examples of Franchise Webshops

eSYNCer Franchise provided for include the following types of businesses:
• Gift shops
• Toy shops
• Lifestyle shops
• Home and Living shops
• Sleeping and bedding shops
• Gadget shops
• Erotic products shops
• Fashion shops

Resellers using your product data

You can provide your own resellers or we help finding resellers for your product data to sell in their franchise stores

Need resellers to provide a franchise store for?

We can help you find resellers, setup our category mapping tool (CMT) - Our web based application, and serve them selling your product data. We build de complete store from scratch, based on Magento 1 or 2 with a theme (template) of choice.

Resellers that already have their own store can use our reseller CMT instead of a full service franchise store.

We can also create standard ready to go franchise stores. Your resellers only need to set and payment provider and deliver the business information, logo and so on.

Do you have a product data feed and are you interested in resellers or franchise store resellers then please contact us for more information.

You can fill out the short form on our website and we will contact you with 24 hours.